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Today's lesson is going to be spent learning about some society-based pathways to development. In particular, you will learn about one of the five pathways identified in the IB subject guide for Global Politics. In the next lesson we are going to enjoy some role reversal and you will teach the lesson. Check out the requirements in the document below.
The IB identify six specific ares that can be focused on as possible pathways to development on a social level. These are taken from the subject guide for Global Politics as follows:

  • Concern for citizenship skills and engagement
  • Improving education
  • Improving healthcare
  • Changing roles of women
  • More ecological living
  • Indigenous revitalization movements

YOU WILL WORK IN GROUPS OF 2-4 AND EACH GROUP MUST CHOOSE A DIFFERENT TOPIC. You must be ready to teach a 10-15 minute lesson to your peers during our next lesson together.