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In this two part lesson, we will consider the two pathways to economic development presented by the neomarxist and neoliberal models. By the end, we will have outlined the key proposals associated with each model and begun to evaluate the effectiveness of each pathway.

You have been allocated to Group A (neomarxist) or Group B (neoliberal). Use the following extracts as the starting point for your reading for this topic.

Instructions for each group:

  1. Begin by reading the relevant extract above depending on the group you have been allocated to
  2. You should now form new groups made up of at least 2 members of the original group A and B (up to a maximum of 5 per group).
  3. Each group should create a presentation for world leaders that sets out your proposed pathway for economic development

What should each presentation include?
You should imagine that you are proposing a pathway for economic development that you believe world leaders should adopt. You should decide whether or not your pathway for development should be based on neomarxist or neoliberal proposed pathways (or a combination of both). You should justify all of your choices... why do you do that? Why do you not do that? Why is something a good idea? A bad idea? You should support your proposals with evidence from real world examples (this will require some research to be carried out). Your presentations should be no longer than 10 minutes long. You will present your proposals next lesson.