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Let's take what know about Sovereignty and begin applying it to the real world. If we take sovereignty to be the right of states to have full jurisdiction over territory within clearly defined borders then what challenges to sovereignty can we identify?

In groups you are going to attempt to answer the following question which is taken directly from a Global Politics exam (Paper 2):'Discuss the impact of NGOs, MNCs and international organizations on State Sovereignty'

In order to help your group answer the question successfully, you are each going to become experts on a particular challenge to state sovereignty. You will spend an hour with your expert groups reading your particular source and identifying exactly how it has an impact on state sovereignty in the the modern world

You will then return to your home group and teach the rest of your group about the challenge to sovereignty you have become an expert on and, as a group, plan out a detailed essay plan to answer the question above.

Here are some articles from the BBC you should check out that provide good examples of some of the issues we have been talking about regarding challenges to state sovereignty:

State Sovereignty and the Refugee Crisis in Europe

Volkswagen and the Manipulation of State Regulations